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  • I’m about to go to the doctor for the first time in forever. There’s a pressure on my chest, like someone’s sitting on it, or there’s a bag over my face. Both of my lungs collapsed when I was five and I was hospitalized for a few months, so I hope it’s not a repercussion of that (especially since they messed up and made the problem worse at first… I had the substitute doctor, or trainee that day I guess), considering I’ll take my stubborn veganism and “I ain’t takin’ none of your drugs!” attitude with me to the grave if I’m prescribed something (sooner or later, but preferably later). 

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    5. the-banglist said: good luck man! just relax. i hope everything is alright. maybe you should think about going to a homeopathic doctor if you do find something to be wrong today.
    6. oxcyde said: That really does seem like a very ignorant view. I hope when your life is on the line you get your shit straight =\ We live in a world where modern medicine exists and saves millions of lives, Just tell Veronica you died a matyr for the animals.
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