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I'm really curious, why would you not take medicine to save your life?

I think it’s been getting blown out of proportion today ever since I mentioned something.. but because I don’t believe in how it’s produced. For a drug to be considered safe by the FDA and able to be recommended by a doctor, it must undergo extensive animal testing, in which lives are tossed away like napkins. If I took medicine to keep living, I’d be going back on one of my most committed beliefs. In the 1990’s in the Columbine High School massacre, Cassie Bernall, a student, was asked “Do you believe in God?” by the gunmen. She answered “yes” knowing that it’d be the last thing she ever did. Why? Because when you live for a cause, you should also be able to die for it. If what you live for is not worth your life, then why are you living for it?

I am a firm believer that we can save this world and I am doing what I believe is necessary, but our time is running out. Maybe if I were to pass as a result of an illness and not taking medication for it, it would be an eye-opener for some people, hopefully they’d stop and think “Why was that so important for that kid that it was worth his life?” I will not bend, and I’m going to take that to my grave.

  1. vviciouss said: Cassie Bernall never said that. It didn’t happen.
  2. human-fusion said: The Columbine story you just mentioned has never been actually, 100%, documented as a factual occurrence. It has been rumored, obviously, but many theories and speculations have been made since then since it happened in ‘99. Just letting you know man
  3. theswanprince said: we need more people like you in the world
  4. bad-benevolence said: i wish everyone had the same idea as you.
  5. seanwashere said: i used to think like that… until reality hit me.